About Us

About Us

A4 International Mathematics and A4 IGCSE SAT School are famous name among the international school parents, teacher and students’ environment in Yangon for ten years. In this time, every can say that no successful students are independent from A4’s Mathematics classrooms.

Our History

Saya A4 and teacher A4 taught mathematics for the children who learned Grade 5 to Grade 12 from International School since 2003. When Saya A4 depart from Myanmar, most of parents send their children to teacher A4’s home. In 2010, A4 and teacher A4 tried to open A4 Mathematics School and many students came and learn for mathematics. In 2013, we found A4 International Mathematics School in Kamayut township, Yangon.

Six years later, with additional investments, we were able to expand our project from various rented locations and we moved to our current campus in the year 2019. And we named A4 SAT and IGCSE School.  And we left A4 International Mathematics School in Kamayut as a branch of Main A4 IGCSE SAT School.

We are very proud to introduce our successful students, some has already been graduated and some are still in University from US, Australia, Europe, all over the world. Now A4 International Mathematics School stands successfully for teaching in mathematics of any international syllabus among the environment of educated parents in Yangon.

Continuously we must effort to upgrade A4 IGCSE and SAT School better than before. We can give a promise to the parents and their children who come and join to A4’s school to be successful in education.

Saya A4 and teacher A4.